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guys check out this rad song by emotif187

I'm hopelessly devoted to hopefully dying for you.

I'm sitting in the dark again.
In my corner remembering everything you said.
You said you wished he was dead.
Now I hear you were all over him and he's very much alive.
I haven't tlaked to you in four nights and this is the first thing I heard about you.

The mixtapes.
The hearts.
The late nights.
The scars.
The snow covered stars.
I'm hoplessly devoted...

I'll rest here in my pieces.
Rest so long you'll think I'm dead.
Quiet and all alone tonight.
Our stars will never hurt me.
Though I said you were my shining star.
I'm left here crying or dying in the dark.


And as I sit here in this Virginia December night.
Smoking a ciggarette gazing into the sky.
They remind me of you eyes.
Then I realize that it's not so bad.
But then I remembered whats ben going on.
And it's the reason why I'm going to get cancer of the lung.


I'm hopelessly devoted to hopefully dying for you...

edit: do u like my new icon i think i look hot
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