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it takes a real asshole to make fun of 12-year old girls

my band played at dubya fest yesterday.

choice quotes about dubya fest from pr3ttyinpunk666 (who btw is obviously SUPER pissed at kiley (theheartbreakid) as seen by her comment in kiley's journal):

"so yeah ummmm lets see...i had matt rogan and aj hassel sign my shoes! lol yeah and raquel was going crazy..she was humping random people. I was gonna kill her because she was all over huffman and thats crystal's boyfriend so i was flipping out on her. She said all this shit that wasnt true so i just fucking told her off and if i wasnt at dubyah fest i prolly would have killed her. "

"Dan from remembrance is really hot."

"All the 'preps' were there so it was pretty funny. I can't wait till tommorow to see what they are gonna say to me. Ummm yeah the cops were called 4 times."

there was also this fat pasty girl with her gut hanging out of a shirt that said PUNK PRINCESS and she and her boyfriend were dry-fucking against a car in the parking lot.

and now that i think about it, i don't think it was their car.
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